StudioPro Polygon Throwing Bats

Because round is only one possibility!

StudioPro Polygon Bats are perfect for potters interested in faceting and folliating rims or otherwise creating geometry in their work other than the circle. Our Polygon Bats provide geometric reference right on the bat, which eliminates the need for placing a decorating disk on the wet pot.

These bats are made from an exterior grade medium density fiber board (MDF) and are 1/2" thick to provide excellent rigidity. They provide great clay adhesion and feature “bullnose" edges and rounded corners for smoothness and easy removal from pins.

  • SP 8 for divisions of 4 and 8
  • SP 10 for divisions of 5 and 10
  • SP 12 for divisions of 3,4,6 and 12
  • Made from 1/2" StudioPro Signature Bat material
  • "Bullnose" edges and rounded corners
  • One hole and one slot for 10" pin spacing, which compensates for variations in wheel-head pin spacing

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