Product Info

StudioPro throwing bats are designed and produced by professional potters. Made by the New England Hardboard Company, StudioPro bats offer the greatest variety of shape, size and material of any other bat manufacturer.

Look for StudioPro Bats at respected ceramics retailers in your area, shop for them here, or set up your own wholesale account.


Bat Production

All StudioPro products are manufactured using a CNC router. This computer-directed cutting ensures dimensional accuracy of both pinholes and circumferences. The high-speed router produces superior edge quality on all of our bats. Each bat has 10 inch on center holes for standard 3/8 inch bat pins. One hole is oval to accommodate small variations in pin spacing. StudioPro bats are made from the best available materials, which are selected for performance, value and environmental sensitivity.


Bat Care

Bat pins frequently vary in their diameter. Our slots and holes are cut to fit snugly. If they are too tight on a particular set of pins, simply place and remove the bat several times and they should loosen. Alternatively, a small scrap of sandpaper can be rolled up and passed through the hole once or twice.

Bats should be cleaned and stacked or stored vertically on the back rack after use. Pots should be wire cut from the bats after throwing and removed from the bat when leather hard. The remaining pad of clay should be scraped off before storing.

Do not soak wood-based bats (Hardboard and Medex), but occasional sponge cleaning is fine. All wood bats absorb water from the clay, which is desirable for clay adhesion and drying. Some warping is to be expected with all wood-based bats. To keep warping to a minimum, limit the amount of time that pots spend stored on bats.