StudioPro Foam Trimming Bats

Faster trimming with better results!

StudioPro Foam Trimming Bats offer a superior alternative to adhering the rims of pots to the wheelhead using clay coils. Because pots are held in place by the foam and not stuck down, you have the ability to lift and inspect your piece frequently during trimming. The foam also protects your pot's rim from damage while inverted on the bat. Pots can be easily centered using the concentric rings on the bats as a guide.

Our Trimming Bats are made using foam selected for just the right density and grip. Keep in mind that the thicker the foam, the more unsteady smaller pieces will be during trimming, so be sure to select the correct thickness for your pots. For example, 1/4 ” foam works well for smaller, lighter work without extreme rim alteration. Whereas 3/4" foam is best used for heavier pieces or pots with uneven rims that need more protection.

  • Foam is adhered to a 14” or 18" StudioPro Signature bat to ensure rigidity and long wear.
  • Constructed using a ½" thick, StudioPro Signature Bat
  • ¼ " foam for pots with level or slightly altered rims
  • ¾" foam for heavier work or pots with greater rim unevenness
  • One hole and one slot for 10" pin spacing, which compensates for variations in wheel-head pin spacing


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